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700 Series Z-Wave SwitchingUpdated a year ago

Z-Wave Plus V2, also known as 700 Series or Gen7, builds on the work that began with Z-Wave Plus and the incremental improvements of S2 and SmartStart. From the firmware to the chips themselves, Gen7 brings massive increases in wireless range, vastly superior security, faster operation and all while decreasing power consumption yet again.

On certain devices, it's also possible to switch the Z-Wave frequency from within the user settings, for example:

0: EU (868.4 MHz, 869.85 MHz)

1: US (908.4 MHz, 916.0 MHz)

2: ANZ (919.8 MHz, 921.4 MHz)

3: HK (919.8 MHz)

4: IN (865.2 MHz)

5: IL (916.0 MHz)

6: RU (869.0 MHz)

7: CN (868.4 MHz)

8: JP (922.5 MHz, 923.9 MHz, 926.3 MHz)

9: KR (920.9 MHz, 921.7 MHz, 923.1 MHz)

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