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Phone supportUpdated 2 years ago

At Vesternet, offering the best customer support is our priority, and that’s the reason why we’ve chosen to offer support via email & live chat. We truly believe that we wouldn’t be able to provide the same assistance over the phone and in all of our years of experience, we haven’t yet encountered an issue that couldn’t be resolved that way.

What we offer

We believe that we offer great customer support and take the time to provide individual support, not just with resolution but with solutions and suggestions whenever possible – in fact it’s one of the things that sets us apart from other Home Automation shops.

Pre-sales advice: let us know what you’re requirements are and we’ll do our best to recommend you the correct product / technology

Help Center: dozens of feature rich and continually evolving and updating self-help center & resource guides complete with how-to step by step articles, wirings, tips, case-studies and more.

Why we don’t do phone support

Sometimes we get asked "why not?". Here are some of the reason why we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same level of support over the phone:

Quicker Responses

Too many communication channels can cause more harm than good. It makes it harder to prioritise calls and some queries can accidentally get forgotten. By having everything centralised it makes it easier for us to manage all requests in one place instead of having to check multiple places.

Better understanding

Phone conversations can get "lost in translation". Most times users aren’t able to describe the "problem" or "requirements" correctly and time is lost looking at an entirely wrong picture. Online support are a win-win for both customers and our team.

Better quality responses

Lets face it, no one knows everything. You may be tempted to pick up the phone for a “quick question” and you’ll likely receive a “quick answer”. With an email query we can spend the appropriate amount of time to look at your question, do any necessary research and formulate a professional response without putting you on hold. It also gives us the ability to link to products, guides to illustrate our answers, screenshots, manuals etc

We’re a distributed team

We sell thousands of different products so the specialists in each area aren't always available for a call when requested. More so we have experts in different countries / time-zones which makes phone support more complex as we don’t have a single office to route calls.

With a distributed team, support needs to be provided in a more modern way than traditional companies - email lets us direct queries to the appropriate person without having to make you wait.

Clients can make an informed decision

Even though we’ve always advertised that we don’t offer support via phone calls the fact that we had our Phone Number on our website could lead new customers to think they could call us at any time for real-time support. By making things clearer new clients can make an informed decision on whether to work with us or not.

We respect the fact that everyone has different communication styles: some love email whereas others hat it and prefer to talk. Truth is if you want to be able to pick up the phone for every small query then we may not be a good fit.

Better records

Online support helps us keep detailed records about your issue in one place. This helps to ensure that nothing is lost amongst our team members and if we need to escalate an issue to a manager or developer we can do so quickly and easily.

We’re sure there are many reasons for having phone support too but for us, it’s not the right offering at this time. You’ll find that many great companies have moved to an all online based support and we suspect that for Home Automation companies the future is all online support.

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